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1GB RAM 30GB HDD 1TB BW 1 IPv4 $2/M –

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A small intro about the company, Liveinhost Web Services LLP is a Hosting Services Provider that provides Fully Managed services for Webhosting, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated Server with a full team of employees that have been involved in the hosting and IT industry since 2014. We are proud to offer high quality virtual servers at an affordable price. The staff behind Liveinhost have been in the hosting industry for over 10 years. By combining their experience and knowledge they have aquired over the past years, Liveinhost is rapidly growing to be one of the top VPS providers in the industry.Our all VPS plans comes with anti-DDoS protection.

Together with our support team and DevOps Engineers, we provide 24/7 Support for all our clients. As always, we listen to all feedback and continuously attempt to improve our services to match overall customer demands.

WWW.LIVEINHOST.COM – $2 Per Month OpenVZ – SolusVM Control Panel VPS

HDD-HYBRID VPS – $2/month

HDD-HYBRID VPS – $4/month


URL – SSD VPS – $4/month SSD VPS 1

$4 Per Month $39 Per Year

URL – SSD VPS – $6/month

$6 Per month $59 Per year

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