2C 2G/RAM 40G/SSD 1T/BW 1Gbps $29.88/Y 11.11 special - BandwagonHost

Basic VPS - Self-managed - 2018-11-11 CN2 Special V3
SSD: 40 GB RAID-10
RAM: 2048 MB
CPU: 2x Intel Xeon
Transfer: 1 TB/mo
Link speed: 1 Gigabit

Location: Los Angeles, direct route via CN2 and China Unicom
Location can be changed via KiwiVM

VPS technology: KVM/KiwiVM
OS: 32 or 64 bit Centos, Debian, Ubuntu
Instant OS reload
IPv4: 1 dedicated address
IPv6 support: **No**
Full root access
Instant RDNS update from control panel
Automatic migration between datacenters
No contract, anytime cancellation
Strictly self-managed, no support
99.9% uptime guarantee


Buy It Now

BandwagonHost accepts payments only via PayPal for now. They provide a full 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee. Unfortunately they do not currently have a website, just the ordering system. Their TOS states that spamming, hacking, malware, IRC, open proxies, adult content is not allowed however VPN or proxy is fine as long as they are password protected.